Tuesday, August 31, 2010

12 things about me!

1. My camera is an appendage...LOL!

2. I have vivid dreams that come true....sometimes.

3. I thrive on being organized.

4. 80's music is my favorite.

5. I love stationery/paper + taking pictures makes me a major scrapbooking addict.

6. I cherish my old friends and i'm thrilled to have made new ones as an adult.

7. I love planning things.

8. My children and husband fill my heart and our home full of laughter.

9. I'm grateful to be alive! At the age of 39 i suffered a heart attack and had double by-pass surgery two weeks after i delivered my last baby in 2005.

10. I fill my desire of having a dog by looking at breeder and dog adoption sites...maybe one day.

11. I feel at peace when i'm at the beach.

12. I feel so much comfort behind the lens....I've found my passion!


  1. Newest follower from MBC...wow what a blessing for you to have to have gone through a heart attack and had double by pass surgery and everything is okay!!

    Reading this post, I realize already that I love your spirit :)

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Found you via MBC "Simply Follow". From your list I already see we have some things in common, LOL! I look forward to more of your posts. Hope you can visit mine also. TIA

  3. Great list! That's cute, your camera is an appendage, lol. Glad you found your passion! I found you through MBC Simply Follow and became your newest follower! Come visit me at http://jinnialow.com

    Have a great weekend!


  4. hello there, like to see more of your shots.. :)